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Associate Activity with multiple Contacts / Accounts

Is there a way to asoociate an Activity with multiple Contacts?

Our client's use case: When there is a meeting involving multiple contacts they want to be able to create a single task that will be related to all of the participating contacts.

If this is not possible by means of configuration or out of the box, what are the other avalable options? We have an EE edition, so no Apex Code. I can only think of fully custom UI pages using S-Controls that would create duplicate activity records and assign to multiple Contacts. Any alternative suggestions?

Thank you.
if you use an event - you can invite multiple attendees
I have a related question.  I have a meeting that was not scheduled with multiple attendees.  I therefore do not want to send an invite to the contacts that attended.  I just want to list them as having attended so the activity shows up in their record.  Is there anyway to do this?