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Syncing Outlook with SFDC Question

Good Afternoon All

Is there a way to change how a email "task" is populated when an email comes in using Outlook syncronization?

I will try to be clearer. When an email comes in it creates a "task" record in the Activity History related list. It appears that the Due Date field is populated based on the date that the email was received. Not necessarily the date that it was syncronized into SFDC. If you notice the example below, the Due Date seems to be populated from the "Received at" date. The Create Date and the Last Modified Date are the date that the Outlook sync happened. My question is, if the Received at Date can be pulled into the Task, can the "Received at" Time be pulled into a field as well.

Assigned To XXXX
Status Completed
Subject Email: RE: Con call this afternon at 2 PM Eastern Name
Due Date 1/8/2008
Related To 00019897
Type Email
Priority Normal
Created By XXXXX, 1/10/2008 2:09 PM
Last Modified By XXXXX, 1/10/2008 2:09 PM
Comments From: JoeSmith@somewhere.com
Received at: 1/8/2008 3:55:21 PM

I apologize in advance if this doesn't make sense. The purpose of this question is that I have a user that syncs his outlook with SFDC once every few days and he has no way to see, just by looking at the Activity History related list, which email came in first. And there is not a Sort option for that related list.

I thank you all in advance for even trying understand this post but would appreciate even a best guess.