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Broken links in forum emails

I've noticed that the links to the forum in subscription messages are broken - here's an example:

that just gives me a host not found - it never gets as far as trying to log in.

It's also most annoying that the message does not contain a link directly to the entry that it's about (i.e. even if the above link worked, it would still not be as useful as it could be), and there are no links at all to this forum area (, though there are to other places. To reply to a subscribed thread I have to manually go to the forum web page then manually browse or search for the topic.

Please can you fix some of these issues as it detracts enormously form the usability of the forum and raises an unnecessary barrier to helping people out.
Ron HessRon Hess
click on the "view message" image link instead, this is a link directly to the message you are looking for.
this image link is below the subject, author, date and you may have to "allow images from """
There is no such image. There is no reference to one in the source of the message - for example the key bit of your last message body looked like this (ignore quoted-printable encoded bits):

[td][table border=3D"0"]
[td class=3D"text"]Subject:[/td]
[td class=3D"text"]Re: Broken links in forum emails[/td]

[td class=3D"text"]Author:[/td]
[td class=3D"text"]Ron Hess (sforce Expert Developer)[/td]
[td class=3D"text"]Date:[/td]
[td class=3D"text"]11-15-2005 09:14 AM[/td]

[td colspan=3D2]=20
[div class=3D"text"] click on the "view message" image link instead, this =
is a link directly to the message you are looking for.[br]this image link i=
s below the subject, author, date and you may have to "allow images from "m="" [/div]

The only link to a specific entry is this one:

But that link doesn't work either.

The only image that appears is the 'no software' logo at the bottom, but that doesn't link anywhere. there are two 1x1 spacer images, but neither of them links anywhere.

Sigh. I just previewed this message. It's a complete disaster. PLEASE can you sort out some better forum software, or fix this one?
ah, so it's just the preview that's broken...
Right, seems like the .eng. doesnt belong in the link (any links).

We'll see if we can resolve this.


It would be very useful if you could improve the post content handling too - people are (not surprisingly) frequently posting XML snippets in here, and the forum doesn't do any escaping so it never displays right.

Aside from this practical inconvenience, this basic omission means that this forum has about as big a security hole as you can get in a site like this - it allows scripting directly in posts so it can host XSS attacks! Here's an example:

The 'hello' below is written by a script tag:

So you don't have to view the source, it looks like this:
<script type="text/javascript">document.write("<h1>hello</h1>");</script>

Someone with less scruples could write something far more unpleasant.

As a safer and simpler alternative to allowing HTML markup, something like bbcode would be good - its [code] tags would be very useful.

I've noticed that there are substantial differences between the preview and real postings, so the javascript might not work when I really post this... If it does, you definitely have trouble in store.

Looking at's site, I can't quite believe that people pay good money for this when there are free solutions that are far better.

Yup, it really does allow scripting. Oh dear.