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boBNunnyboBNunny Explorer (BETA) Install and Usage?

Has anyone had any luck with the usage of this new BETA tool?  I installed the Adobe AIR and Flash Player as required and then unzipped the file provided.  But there is nothing in the file that is an executable or web page.  There is an SWF file, but that is not associated with any program and I don't think you can simply "execute" an SWF anyway.  Any ideas?


After installing AIR, I actually "Ran" the install program (the file you download "FDE_20100728"), I didn't unzip anything.


It's working now.  For some reason IE8 under Windows 7 sees it as a ZIP file which I've been told an AIR file is under the hood.  I saved the download, changed the extention to "air" as recommended by SFDC, and it's working now.  Thanx!


Can you guys log in to anything? I got the app running, but can't log into either sandbox or production. getting the typical "invalid username, password, security token" when I'm sure I'm entering the correct info, and nothing shows in my login history


I was able to log into my sandbox without a problem.  Had to change the "Advanced Options" to point to the correct instance.

James JiangJames Jiang

The Advanced Options -> Environment setting will NOT take effect until click OK button at the bottom, frustrated.


I face no difficulties as far as installing or running the app is concerned. However, I still find hard to understand the advantage over Apex Explorer. We can neither update records nor edit them. Just run the queries and fetch the result. Maybe, its too early to comment since it is Beta, but I see no fun of using this app as of now.


I've submitted a few "findings" on this tool to the feedback for the tool:


-          The URL for logging in doesn’t retain the value from the last session, though the login does.  It should be retained so that we don’t try to use Sandbox for Production or vice-versa.

-          The field list presented for an object isn’t in Alpha sequence so it’s difficult to find the fields you want.

-          The field list presented is the Label for the field.  But that can be confusing sometimes when labels don’t necessarily match to API names or you have 2 labels with the same name.  Suggest a toggle allowing us to choose API name or Label name.

-          I accidently created a query to Select ID From Account.  We have over 1M Accounts and this never returned a result.  It should have timed out after a certain amount of time.

-          It’s nice that I can copy a field to the clipboard or open in a browser, but it would be nice if the row or entire grid being copied were options as well.


I find points 2 and 3 to be most important.  But point 4 is a bit troubling too.  Still, it's a good looking tool and shows promise.  I think they need to think about finding a way to allow more complex sub-queries too though.


I am new to this, wanted to try the explorer.  Cant login to developer instance with correct username and password. Get invalid username, password, or security token.

points to


I don't think SalesForce is supporting this or trying to enhance it.  They really shouldn't have wet our whistle like this and got us hoping just to put an "Air" solution out to the field because of some strategic relationship.  It really makes us (me?) distrust them when they say they are paying attention to what the community needs/wants.