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linking cases

I am currently making my agents raise a case for every call, this means I am able to ensure that they are raising cases for all the calls they recieve, we haven't been using Salesforce long so this is quite important to make sure they are using the system properly.

this is causing a problem however, because if 1 of our customers ring about about the same thing more than once we end up with several duplicate cases, and the customer recieves an email to provide them with another case number.

I am looking for a way to link the cases together in a heirachy system, or to find another way to record the repeat call against the original case, I cannot simply use case comments as this will show any actions taken too, also I would need to be able to report on these calls in a timestamped way so that I could continue to compare calls to cases


your issues looks like related to ITSM model. we keep cases for certain time period and use Case status like : New, In Pogress, Pending, Resolved and Closed. Make sure we send email to customer when case is closed..


Let say you keep case Resolved for 3 days and if user calls back, trace back the same case and if issue persists, reopen the case. You may need to send email to user when agent open the case. User'll be more happy to call back using case reference.


Thanks for your response, unfortunately this is not going to solve my issues around being able to match calls to case volume, also our Customers may ring more than once a day regarding a query, I am afraid I don't know what ITSM is?






your organization has to come up with some kinda of process to manage customer queries. I understand you want to log each call support team is getting.  You can ask Support team to log different Tasks against same case whenever user calls regarding same issue.

Creating subcases may not end up well as they may call 10 times in 2 days for same issue and it'll be more pain for support team to go to same case then create subcase. if you'll do the Time-Motion Study(time taken to create sub-case), you'll find that create sub-case takes more time than creating task.