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Dataloader and multiple objects?



Is there a way to get data into a single extract when you are trying to hit multiple objects?  For example, the following query produces the exact number of lines in the exported CSV file; however, there is no data in the file.


Select o.AccountId, o.Account.Name, o.Id, o.Lead_Rep_Name__c, o.Name

from Opportunity o

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its possible provided you have field level permissions on all the listed columns individually apart from read permission on individual objects. Try running the same SOQL in Eclipse to see if you can extract data, then use the same for dataloader.


Thank you for responding.  That is exactly how I created the query, through Eclipse and it produced results.  Meaning, data in the field columns.  Where as the data loader produces the following resulting statement:


The extract has fully completed.  There were 13700 successful extracts and 0 errors.


However, when I view the extract I do not see any data but I do see the field names as the first line.  In addition, I see the first column (Row Number) contains data and it is just the incrementing by 1 up to 13700.  No data in any other columns!!!!


Is anyone else experiencing this issue.  I had this issue with DataLoader version 16 through 19.  Up until now I just exported seperated objects (tables) and imported into MS Access and joined the data to produced spreadsheets that I needed.  Now, I need this data to be in a comma delimited file for an automated batch process that will imported the data at night.


I appreciate any help on this that I can get.  Thanks in advance.

Going South.ax738Going South.ax738

There is one known issue with data loader. Its case sensitive. Even the Eclipse SOQL works fine, if the data column name is not 'exact' data loader often gives nulls.

Recommend to create SOQL on Eclipse as a selection of columns from schema rather than typing to avoid case errors.


I am using Eclipse and pointing and clicking to build the query. Then I copy and paste it into the Dataloader.  I do this with a single object (table) and the dataloader works.  When I do it with referenced objects fields such as shown previously, the dataloader returns nulls in all the data.  Is it because the dataloader cannot export parent child or child parent data into a flat file (CSV)?