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Eclipse IDE not recognizing changes made in a class

I have a single class that I'm working on in Eclipse and have been working over for over 9 monhts.  I have been able to push changes to production without any issue until recently.  For whatever reason, when I go to Deploy to Server my class does not show up as having been modified.  It is coming up in the grey section with the description of (no differences detected).  No matter what changes I make to the class, I cannot get it to show up as having been modified.  So even if I select the class (while it's greyed out) it does not make any changes to the production class.


Has anyone come across this issue?  I suppose I could just push it out myself with the metadata api but I was just wondering if there was a quick fix in eclipse for this.


This only seems to be happeneing to the 1 class by the way, all other classes that get modified are being recognized as having been modified.