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WebToLead Servlet and Governor Limits

We had our daily WebToLead limit increased above the default limit of 500. Immediately after that change was put into effect I started received error messages every time a new web lead came in. The error message implicates the WebToLead servlet and is a warning that we're approaching the 1000 query row limit.


My diagnosis is that the count is referring to a rolling 24-hour count of web leads; that there is some Apex in effect for the WebToLead Servlet and that that Apex is querying our Lead table for web leads.  Salesforce support has not confirmed any of these assumptions.


It has not yet hit the 1000 mark, so I don't know what will happen when it does, but I'm guessing that like any Apex code, it will not execute. Which means we won't get the web lead.


Has anyone else ever encountered this behavior? I'm guessing there's not much I can do since I have no access to the WebToLead servlet.


Error Message:


Operation: /servlet/servlet.WebToLead

By user/organization: 0058000000ICHCB/00D80000000oHai

Caused the following Apex resource warnings:

Number of query rows: 609 out of 1000




I wouldn't expect W2L itself to generate a warning like that -- do you perhaps have any triggers on Lead?

Always ThinkinAlways Thinkin

Quite a few triggers on Leads as well as DupeBlocker. I don't suspect them because they have not been changed recently and the errors started immediately after our lead gen resumed when Salesforce upped our limit. The record count in the error messages increments up and down in direct correlation to the number of leads we've received in the preceding 24 hours, a count that none of my SOQL queries would tally. I wish it was one of mine, cause I could do something about that!


I've got a case making its way up the support tiers. I'll post any feedback they give and see if it passes the dev board litmus test.