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Access SF Content images externally?

Can anyone tell me: with Salesforce Content, is it possible to upload an image, and then reference it from an external website, for display on a page?  (Basically, can you hotlink an image stored in Content if you assign the right permissions?)


I'm guessing the answer is no, but so far I can't verify in the documentation.  (Not using Content yet, waiting for it to become avail. for free!)


If the answer to that is yes, then is it possible to:

* link an image to a particular Contact record

* via the API, query for the contact and associated images, and determine the URL for the image


Thanks much!


You can do this with the Document object. Haven't tried with Content, but if you assign for a new DE org, Content is included so you can try.


Hope that helps,



Thanks, Sati.  I did get a new dev account, and tried it out.  Looks to me like you can't directly hotlink an image, only make it avail through a "content delivery", which embeds it in Flash?


Please speak up if anyone out there knows otherwise.



You can do it with regular Documents, no need for Content.

Thanks, Simon.  Yeah, we could use documents, but that wouldn't solve the 2nd part of my need, which is to have the image associated with a particular record.  (In this case, it's a logo for an account, that we're going to allow users to upload from a web form.) 


We could fake it by putting the account id in the document name or description, but that seems pretty fragile.  Our 2nd option is to store the images in our CMS (which is serving up the form) instead of in SF, and that's probably the route we're heading down.