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Custom Link Help

I would like to create a custom link for a custom object that has multiple record types. I am not sure if what I am trying to do is possible through custom links.


The custom object is Go_Live_Process__c

The two record types involved are "HL7" and "SOW"

The link would be on the page layout for HL7 and we want the link to find the SOW record that has the same Account as the HL7 record. So the link would lead the user to see the detail page of the SOW record.


Is this something that can be done with a custom link? If so does anyone have any suggestions


If you are associating via lookup the account, it will act like a hyperlink.


For example, i have a custom object with a look up on user, if someone searches on user, than selects a value, that value (since it is linked to an object) shows as a hyperlink. If someone where to click on the user, they would be taken to that users "page". Same would be true if i had a lookup to an account.


it sounds like this is your situation, where you have  Go_Live_Process__c linked to the statement of work via lookup, which would then create that hyperlink relationship.