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Creating Custom Reports detail question

When creating a custom report using the Matrix Report layout, you can only go two levels in when you specify your row headings (subtotal by...... and then by...).  I need to go three and possibly four levels down for the reports we need to create.  I need to use the Matrix Report layout since it uses the "Specify your column Headings" section.


Is there a way to get this done?  Are there settings in the salesforce.com site that would allow me to go to this level of detail for the reports we need to create?




Todd Kruse 

for matrix type of reports u need to pass the parameters through repeat in the page pass the parameters to  the component. inside the component take the panel grid  and try to use the wrapper class inside the class. this might be help ful.
Thanks for the reply, but I am not sure how I would do what you are suggesting.  Is this through the SalesForce.com report generator tool or from custom code?