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MAss Email Triggers

I have the following trigger on a Task... it works fine when entering one task at a time. 

However, when I send out mass emails, the activity is logged, but the trigger doesn't fire?


I read an older post that stated mass emails will not fire the triggers...

Is there a way to get the trigger to fire when a mass email is sent...


Below is the trigger...


trigger updatelastemail on Task (after insert) {
  Task t = Trigger.new[0];
  if(t.WhoId != null) {
    Lead l = [select Id, LastEmail__c from Lead where Id=:t.WhoId];
    if(l != null) {
      l.LastEmail__c = t.Email_Number__c;
      update l;


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



 seems this trigger is not bulk enabled make it as bulk enabled.