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Processing File - CRM Content

I have uploaded various documents through the Content API in preparation for moving document management capabilities into Salesforce.  We are excited about the use of the Content management system to be able to version control and tie our documents to the appropriate context elements.  I've noticed that there appears to be some limit to the file size for preview.  Unfortunately, this upper bound is pretty low.  I'm seeing a warning/info message in the preview pane that says 'Processing File' with a refresh link.  Leaving the browser alone, I don't see any progress. Clicking the refresh link (although very gratifying) does nothing either. 



The (seemingly aribtrary and inconsitent) limit appears to be ~3.0 MB.  Documents smaller than that file size render in the preview window; those greater in size do not.  


Please confirm

Message Edited by gtuerk on 12-07-2009 01:43 PM
I don't think that's true exactly.  There is an upper limit on file size for the preview window to work, but I'm certain I've seen it work on files that were nearly 10mb, and possibly even higher than that.
Oh, but I have had that problem on some Office 2007 file types.  Powerpoint 2007 files seemed not to work very well at one time, I'm not sure if that's still true.