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SFDC automation testing

SFDC apps & bigmachines tool.. now we are trying to performLoad Simulation testing & performacnce testing  is there any such tool or we can use any tool to do that....

First of all, before you perform any type of load simulation tests, please contact and coordinate your efforts with them. Failure to do so may be in violation of paragraph 4.2 of the Master Subscription Agreement (which may cause loss of access to the service without any refund, or a temporarily suspension of some or all services). This paragraph states that you may not cause a disruption in the performance or integrity of the platform, and they take this very seriously.


With that legality out of the way, I did a quick search and found no " load simulation" tools readily available. From my prior experience, I would have to say that such software is likely not to exist in a "box" form (as in, "out-of-the-box ready"). Instead, you'll probably need to have a custom tool developed, or use a "generic" web load simulation software; the latter has to be programmed with the parameters and URLs that would be used, number of simulated users, etc, but takes far less time than having a developer create a new tool from scratch.


Keep in mind that monitors their systems constantly and takes steps to correct unusual behavior. They also perform regular maintenance and perform internal load testing, etc. Your testing would most likely only serve to test your network's performance, not's performance. Suffice it to say that one little testing computer isn't going to strain Salesforce in the least, not even if you were simulating hundreds of users asynchronously. Ultimately, your bandwidth would (most likely) be the upper cap on the amount of simultaneous users you can support, unless you have some really powerful computers and a large enough bandwidth to make a difference.


I apologize that this post was not as helpful as I usually am, but there does not appear to be an immediate solution to your request. 




The post is an old one, Do you know how many user sessions we can open concurrently.


we were trying to test for 100 usrs – and use the same user name. Is it possible ?


Also regarding the bigmachine did u do the implementation ?





I apologize for being MIA for a while, but I'm going to be active again here in the forums. In case you still need a response, I'm posting this reply in the hopes that you get the information you're looking for. Salesforce currently has a five-cursor-per-user limit. This only applies to long-standing queries such as "select id from contact" that might return thousands or millions of records. If you perform more than five of these concurrently on a user, the oldest ones will be dropped in favor of newer ones. Other than that, there is no problem with having 100 session ID's open simultaneously (so, short queries, inserts, updates, deletes, etcetera will all run concurrently without an issue). As mentioned above, do contact Support before attempting any load testing so they can cooperate with you. There are pretty severe sanctions for violating this common courtesy of system sharing, up to and including disabling the API completely for your organization.

Vadim SWVadim SW

You can do all that with SymbioTeam for Watch a quick demo at  and contact us for more details if interested. The tools automates functional testing, and can also be used for load and performance testing in production