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Query Results for SOQL

I had posted a question before but hit on a snag. Below is the SOQL query I'm using (generated by the Schema Explorer)


Select l.Status__c, l.Quantity__c, l.Name, l.Literature_Item__r.Name,  l.CreatedDate, 1.CreatedBy.Name, l.CreatedById From Literature__c l


Literature__c is a custom object I have created. It has a lookup field Literature_Item which references another custom object Product_Master. When I run the above query I get the results I expect except that the Literature_Item__r.Name and CreatedBy.Name return an object (Product_Master__r, User). When I click on a particlar cell it takes me to the correct name of the literature item. Just to remind, I'm doing all this within the Schema Explorer. 


My question is - Is this the expected behavior of query results with relationships in the Schema Explorer?

Is there a way to specifically get the Literature_Item__r.Name or the User Name as a string instead of an object?


That's just how the schema explorer works.  In code those items will actually be strings.