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Total Number of Campinas on a Lead - Need Help

Anyone know a good way to do this?  We want to figure in the number of campaigns a lead has responded to into our lead scoring system.  Since I can't create a roll-up summary field for leads (not sure why) I'm a little baffled as to how I can accomplish this.

I don't think I can use a Lead Trigger (does the adding of a campaign count as a lead edit?)

I can't figure out how I could build this into a work flow.

They only thing I can think of doing is building an offline app that scans Salesforce once a night and updates a field on a lead.  I'd rather not do this if it can be avioded.

Anyone have any ideas?

You could make a button on the lead that counts how many campaigns the lead is part of and stores that result in a field, but otherwise, your sweeper process is probably the best thing you've got right now.


Rollup summary fields don't work on Lead because there's a junction table between Campaign and Lead, namely CampaignMember.


The button idea wouldn't work becuase we need this to happen some what automatically for reporting and scoring purposes. But thanks for the suggestion.


I looked and there doesn't seem to be a way to create an Apex trigger or Work Flow on CampiagnMember. There are a couple of Ideas that may get me closer to fixing this issue:

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Note that the first idea is listed as Under Consideration, and the second says Coming in the next release (which is Summer '09).