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Unable to share contacts

Contact Sharing Rules


Owned by: All Inernal Users - Shared With: All Internal Users (and visa versa) for example.  I've also tried rules using roles, these do not work either.


My goal is to have one user who schedules events and tasks for the other users.  Subordinate users are getting "Insufficient Priviliges" when trying to view my contacts.




Message Edited by dearingerAT on 04-12-2009 05:59 PM
CRM indiaCRM india

As described by you, it seems to me your OWD(Organization Wide Default) for Accounts are set to private, in order to give your users access to contacts you need to create sharing rule on Account as (Owned By - Entire Organization, Share With - Entire Organization, Read Only, or to specific public group).

By this way you will be able to achieve the desired result.



Amit Mishra

I had not created a rule on account.  "all internal users" is the broadest setting available to me.  I created a rule allowing read/write access using "all internal users" on both sides.  Still, subordinate users still cannot access my contacts.
CRM indiaCRM india
Create a rule on accounts and you will be able to share contacts.