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Is it possible to have $CURRENT_USER_ID in value field of report criteria

We have several custom fields in Account that indicate sales rep "users" attached to an account. The reps manage their product lines. I would like to create a report that uses currently logged User in report criteria to filter our accounts.

Is this possible?

SQL example would be:

select Id from Account where custome_field_rep_1 = '!{CURRENT_USER_ID'

Did you ever figure this out?  I'm looking for something similar.

You can create a Custom Link pointing to this report, and pass in USER_ID as one of the parameters. The Customer Link can be housed, say, on User's Home Page.

e.g. /00O30000000wt43?pv0=Shipped&pv1={!User_FullName}

where pvN is the report parameter.

Here is section that talks about it:


Thanks! I got PART of this working!.

I created a custom link - passing it a piece of user information to a report.

Looks like


Where 'User_Seratel_Login_Name' is a custom field we've added to the user object and populated with our product specific data - works fine.

I added this custom link to a home page layout and it now displays on the left hand site of the browser.

But when I click it - it runs the report with ALL the SFDC tabs - just like it looks if you run a report.

The problem is that it runs inside of the current browser and I end up with two sets of tabs.  kind of like a session within a session.  Not good!

I must be missing something here!!





Message Edited by RP@Transera on 04-04-2006 05:39 PM

Message Edited by RP@Transera on 04-04-2006 05:39 PM

Ron HessRon Hess
can you modify the custom link definition to do a popup, that would avoid the tabs inside an iframe which is inside another row of tabs.

from the App Setup ->Home->Custom Links menu you can only add a URL and not any HTML.  So I don't know how you would launch a new browser

I've also noticed that building a complete URL to a SFDC report will work fine but doesn't seem to work when you try to pass it a parameter. 

As mentioned, this will work - but with double tabs:  /00O30000000x8hU?pv0={!User_Seratel_Login_Name}

This when pasted in a browser session that's logged in will run the report but the data doesn't get passed in.{!User_Seratel_Login_Name}

Im not quite sure how to pass the User_Session_ID parameter in a URL to run a report and get the parameters passed in.