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Is it possible to create a web link that passes values from salesforce (opportunity tab) into excel. I require a link on a salesforce page that simply puts the values into a formatted excel spreadsheet.

Is this possible? If not are there any other solutions. Currently we have a link that takes the user to a report with the data. The user then click on the "Export to Excel" button, as normal. This method is a bit simplistic so we are lokking for a more sophisticated method.

Message Edited by chrismclaren on 02-15-2006 06:10 AM

Have you tried installing Office Edition? It allows you to embed the results of salesforce reports in a spreadsheet.

Install Office Edition from Setup -> Personal Setup -> Desktop Integration -> Office Edition. This adds a salesforce.com toolbar to Excel.

Eric Bezar
Platform Product Management
Yes I have tried this. What I want though is to be able to export data to excel from the opportunity page. So when looking at an opportunity the user can embed the data to excel from the opportunity page.

The only way I can see how to do this is with web links. Any suggestions?