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How do I make a button change a field

Is there a way to make a button change what is in a field?  Like a button that labeled "Send Order" to change a field with a drop down list of "1,2,3,4" of 1 as the default to 4.  Pressing the button would change the field from 1 to 4.





Assuming this was a button on the Opportunity and the Picklist field's Id is 00N80000003FZMf




1 click to change a value on the record you're currently on.


How do I find the Picklist field Id?


Visit the actual field on the object, like if you wanted to change the field name. It will be the 15 character id in the URL box.


Perfect, thx.


Where does this code get placed? I assume you are talking about setting the Behavior of the button to Execute JavaScript and this the OnClick JavaScript code that gets executed by the button.  Please confirm?  Thanks!