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Auto import data from csv

Hi all,


I'm new to Salesforce and was just wondering what the best approach would be to create the following situation:


We have a daily CSV file containing account information which needs to be imported in Salesforce automatically.

One column of this CSV file contains the account ID's which are similar to the ones in Salesforce so this will be the parent key.


Every record in the file contains a certain value, this value needs to be added up to the value in Salesforce for the specific account and parent account.


There will probably be more logic added to this, but this is the first step.


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


Hi You need to update the id's through the datalaoder and match the fields


how to use the datalaoder batch upload. any example of it?


If you want to add custom logic while importing data then you should consider using SFDC API instead of data loader.