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Issue Installing Managed Package OneSource with Unlimited Version of Salesforce

Hi, I have been working with OneSource to install their Managed package into salesforce we have Unlimited Edition and I keep receiving errors:

Install Failed: Please fix the following errors


Reached maximum number of indexes allowed for custom fields. Account.OSKeyID_c:reached maximum number of indexes allowed for custom fields.


I understand I cannot remove any indexed field for our managed packages, but is there a way to go through salesforce to find all of the External ID fields and see if I Can remove them instead of going field by field to see if there is one w/external id listed?

I thought with Unlimited Edition of Salesforce it didnt have a max limit of index fields?



i know that the "Unlimited" edition has some limitations so this might be one of them, but we would definitely have to understand that as it would impact us in the future....  Does anyone have an idea regarding this. Salesforce support has not responded in two days to this question

I believe that all editions, Unlimited edition included, have a limit on the number of custom fields which are indexed.


My understanding is that some, but possibly not all, indexed fields for Accounts are listed in Setup => AppSetup => Customize => Accounts => Fields. In the list of custom fields on this page, you'll see a 'Data Type' column. Some indexed fields will appear with '(External ID)' after the type - which indicates they are indexed. For any of these, you can edit the field and uncheck the 'External ID' setting to turn off indexing.


However, we recently discovered that Salesforce may have other custom fields indexed behind-the-scenes and these may not appear with the 'External ID' setting turned on. If you don't find any 'External IDs' you can disable, my suggestion would be to create a high-priority support ticket with Salesforce and ask them to increase your limit of indexed custom fields. One of our customers recently did this, and Salesforce happily complied. Apparently, they don't publicize this service, but it is available if you need it.