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Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah 

Account Team Member add permission

Requirement: A group of X people in the system should have the right to Add team members to Accounts. The group of people may belong to 1 single profile but not necessarily


Problem: This is what salesforce says about the permissions a user need to have to add a Team member to a Account Group.

a. He is a System Administrator

b. He is the Owner of the Account

c. He is the Manager of the Owner

d. He has Modify all Data and Manage user permission on his profile.


In my case, none of the above condition is satisfactory for the group of X people. Is there any other way I can give them the permission to add Account Team Member? I also found that if a User A is added to Account Team with Read/Write permission, he can add another Team Member  but he can only provide that other member Read Access.

 Can I use this in some way?


I also need people to be able to manage their relationships to accounts by themselves.


do you have any integration solutions?


If Account Teams work anything like Opportunity Sales Teams, you don't necessarily have to be the Manager of the Owner to get access to add team members, but rather, you need to be above the Owner in the Role hierarchy.

For us, this has resulted in having to put certain people way up top in the Role hierarchy, just to be able to handle Sales Team memberships.


Perhaps that's a solution you could utilize? Or would that have too much impact to something else in your org?