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using flex

I am new to flex and had a couple of questions before diving in.  Currently, I use Eclipse to build Visualforce pages, apex classes and triggers.  If I am required to build external pages using the Salesforce API, I will develop the external pages using VisualStudio 2008 by compiling the enterprise wsdl into an assembly and creating aspx pages to build the external app.


I've built a pretty simple app in Visual Studio that handles a simple insert into a Salesforce custom object.  This works well.  Now, I'd like to try to incorporate flex.  As an example, I'd like to use a flex datagrid to display all the records in the custom oject, enable sorting and paging and editing capabilities.


Can flex be used with Visual Studio?  Can I build the flex apps in Eclipse and then integrated into an aspx page using Visual Studio?  I've looked at a couple of quick flex demos, but they use flex builder and I'm trying to get a handle on the possibilities using Eclipse/Visual Studio?


Also, I'm using Eclipse 3.3.2.




Did you try using the "Adobe Flex 2 SDK" ?

Check this link-




Flex/Flash Builder is Eclipse - it's not really a separate app at all.


Good link with plenty to read: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/salesforce/