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Certification related

Hi all,


I am taking the developer certification on wednesday. I ve got a couple of questions:


1. Do I have to go through cheat sheets and remember all the functions and stuff for the test?


2. Any sample questions available anywhere so as to have a warm up before taking the test?


Can anyone please clarify on these?





Hi Sandeep,


This page has an overview of the certifications as well as a study guide for each.


Hope that helps,



hey sati,


Thanks for responding. I went thru the study guide but i couldn't find answers to my questions. I cant find huge number of sample questions anywhere. Though there are some in study guide, they are of least use. Anyone who has taken the certification may be able to answer my questions. 



The sample questions in the study guide are the only ones available.  The developer exam and admin exam are similar so you can take a look at the admin practice exam Q's too.  I wrote a practice for certified admin about a year ago with a few additional questions- you can take a look at my site for the link if you are interested.  Good luck!
thanks a lot. The link is really helpful.
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