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Salesforce Feild Level Accessibility.

Hello All.


I have a some question(s) regarding Field Level Accessibility:


1. My goal is to add a field to an object (eg. Account should hold a udf "NumberOfInteractions"). I want that the field should only be available to certain applications within Salesforce (eg a custom application - ResumeApp). I have attempted to do as mentioned above but the field is always visibl/accessable from other appliations as well. I want to hide the field in applications where its not needed. It will be used in both the force.com and the Apex/VisualForce pages I am building. 


2. How do I share my profile with other members of my team, where by in my absense another member can have read/write access to the data in my profile without having to log into my profile.


Your help will be greatly appeciated. Thanks



U need to go Setup-->Security Controls-->Field Accessibility .from there u can give access rights