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Mutliple lookups

I was wondering if it is possible to have multilpe lookups to 1 table.


What i mean by this is: say we have a table A with fields 1,2,3.

Then we have Table B which has fields 1,2,3.


Field 1 in B has a lookup to field 1 of table A.


Now is it possible that field 2 in B has a lookup to field 2 in Table A (while still having the first lookup)?


I hope i am making myself clear here....just basically wondering if a table or object can be looked up on different fields at the same time...



Yes - this is possible. Here's a thread that relates.


Hope that helps,



thanks for the thread ....but junction tables are not gonna help me unfortunately...

I'm not trying to do a many to many relationship.


I guess its because i was thinking of lookups as a sort of pick list or something, a list of possibilties given to the user.

Ex: In object B field 1, has a lookup to field 1 of Object A. So in essense when you try to fill the field 1 of Object B, you must choose from a lookup list of Object A, field 1.


Now i wanted to add another lookup from B to A, same direction, just on another field though...

So now B has 2 lookups to A, but on different fields.


Just was wondering if that is possible, and if so how? (    Prefferably using my example....:)  )