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Report Builder Developer Preview Feedback

I'd love to hear your impressions on the Report Builder feature in Spring'10.

I know some users are already using it in the pre-release program, where you can sign up for a DE org, and I'm expecting a lot of feedback once it goes into all DE orgs.


Some things in the report builder:

1) you can only edit tabular reports, and there are no grand totals shown

2) you can't edit the advanced filters

3) you can't change top-n settings.

Looks great.
I think it would be better if a user can choose whether auto-reload of preview is enabled or disabled.

really? is preview slow?

We always need to show something, so we need to fetch data. The data is taken from a limited query so it should always be fast.

Why would you not want the preview to be reloaded? 

It's not so slow but I'd be feeling annoyed when I have to add/remove many columns to/from a report.
I think this feature is really helpful for end users by its WYSIWYG style operation.
On the other hand IT professionals like me would prefer the quicker way. The best method is leaving the ability to disable auto reload, isn't it?

how about multi-select?

Two things we'd thought of doing were:

1) add a folder full of fields

2) crtl-click to select multiple fields at the same time and then you'd be able to remove them 

Multi-select would be helpful. I just thought it'd be more difficult to implement multi-select manipulation than stopping the auto reload.


Are you trying to add a set of fields from one category, a whole category of fields (like Account Address) or fields from all over the report type?

We could try to support multi-select, or be able to add a category, but I know many users don't get the click->control-click metaphor to select multiple items. Also, what would happen if your click->shift-click selection ran over multiple categories?

Probably a silly question, but -- I've searched and can't figure out how to try the new Report Builder out.  The "Create Report Using Report Builder" button doesn't appear in my developer account.  What do I need to do to activate it?
The new builder is in all DE orgs with the release of Spring'10 - which is either this weekend, or next weekend depending on your instance (na1, ap5, etc).

I have created a new thread in this board, with the URL


for the Summer'10 release of the report builder.


Summary reports are included. Currently, this version doesn't have the ability to add many fields at the same time, but on July 7th, we should roll out a version that can add a category at a time.

Raumil SetalwadRaumil Setalwad

Hello Friends,

I was working in enterprise edition for one of our clients and creating report. I found that that new Report Builder is available to the Production System Administrator not another Profile Standard or Custom Profiles so hope this bug would be solved.