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Geordie BoyGeordie Boy 

Button to generate an eMail address from the contact name & web site data?

I wonder if anyone has an answer to how to do this task.

I find that 70% of email addresses are in the format First.Last@WebAddress
For example in SFDC my name is jeremy gibson
Our web address is held in the Account Website box as http://www.myorg.co.uk/

From this, via a custom button I should be able to generate jeremy.gibson@myorg.co.uk and have it inserted to the Contact eMail field. This I think would save a lot of time and be correct in about 70% of cases.

Has anyone already created a routine for this they would be willing to share.?
I have no idea how to code this capability as a relative newbie user to SFDC.

Best regards



Have you tried using formula?

I think it should be easy to use formula and workflow to achieve this.




Geordie BoyGeordie Boy


I'm sure a formula is the answer, but I'm only a few month into SFDC and most of that building a database.

I was hoping someone would contribute the code for the button.

Thanks for you input.