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Adding Rows Dynamically to datatable on button click

hai friends,


     I have list of contactfields,this list is chanfing dynamically based on user input.Based on the user input i am adding columns dynamically to Datatable,Now i want to add that rows to the datatable dynamically.Here Number of rows also user input.


Can you please help me in this scenario.


Thank you


Ray DehlerRay Dehler

This can be accomplished pretty simply with a contact trigger, oversimplified example:


trigger AddRows on Contact(after insert) {

  List<Record_To_Insert__c> records = new List<Record_To_Insert__c>();

  for (Contact c : Trigger.new) {

    for (Integer i = 0; i < c.Num_Rows_To_Add__c; i++) {

      records.add(new Record_To_Insert__c(Contact__c = c.Id));



  insert records;