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Basic Workflow Rule Question from a novice

I have a workflow rule setup to add 4 tasks under a Time Dependant Workflow Action of 90 Days After Last QCCP Call


This is the rule criteria:  today() - Last_QCCP_Call__c >= 90


When i go to test this: and put a date in the Last QCCP Call field, nothing happens.  The number of days does equal 90 or more.


What am i doing wrong? 


If I take out the time dependant and just use an immediate workflow action it works.  But i need this to be recurring.



Ray DehlerRay Dehler

I would think that the best way to approach this would be to have a workflow fire with criteria Last_QCCP_Call__c not equal to null, then have a time dependent workflow action that occurs 90 days after Last_QCCP_Call__c.


You can check to see if it's working right by going to 

Setup => Monitoring => Time-Based Workflow.