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Vipin  PulinholyVipin Pulinholy 

Looking for a Activity Report/Dashboard Soultion.


I'm attempting to make a dashboard to show the Percentage of touches against clients.


We have rated our client A, B, and C type. And there is a predefined value (no. of days) for each type that sales rep should log an activity against a client.For type ‘A’ client it is 30 days, type B it's 90 and Type C it's 120 days.

We would like to show a dashboard (Vertical graph) with Y axis showing Touch Percentage(%) and X axis the Type of clients (Here its total 3 values, A,B, C).


For example  if we have 100 client rated 'A' and the last activity date for 50 of these are older than 30 days , the graph should show the touch percentage for rated A is 50%


Here the challenge is to calculate the percentage values.


Is it possible to create a report grouped by client type and total number of activity logged against that client? Is anybody tried this kind of Activity report?


 Please share if you have any idea.




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