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Related List onto Custom Object - with a one to many relationship

I have created a custom object (Property--as in real estate) and its related custom fields.  I need to add the standard related list for Contacts to the custom object.  Trying to achieve a master custom object (Property) with multiple Contacts related to the properties.


Would work like the standard Account tab functionality where multiple Contacts can be associated with a single Account.


I tried creating a custom master-child relationship field from the Contact customize...only lookup relationship is available.


I also created a master-child relationship on the custom object (Property) but if I understand correctly this makes the Contact the master and Property the child...which is backwards from needed result.   And this does not allow Contacts to appear in the Page Layout > Related List  drag & drop.


What am I missing on setting up the relationship correctly to have multiple Contacts appear as a related list on my custom object (Property)?


Thanks for the assist... KS



The proper way to achieve this would be to add a lookup relationship from Contact to Property.  You will not be able to make a master-detail with Contact as the detail, but a lookup should suffice.
Thanks Wolf...works correctly with just the lookup as you said...