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How many Concurrent Users are supported?



We have a scenario where approximatly 20000 users might login at the same time and do some basic processing.

Does Salesforce support this kind of concurrency ?


Also if 20000 concurrent requests were to be sent via the SOAP API is that supported as well?






You can have as much as users you want and they can process at a same time after all it is cloud.

In case of sales force its all about licencing, as much as you can pay for the licence you can get access to millions of user. It has no upeer limit.



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Jimmy ArmstrongJimmy Armstrong

Thanks for the reply


Just wondering is the following limit , affect how many concurrent users Salesforce supports




as per my understanding your organization can have n number of concurrent users and as per the count of users you can process n number of concurrent requests. But as per the documentation organization can have n number of concurrent users but there is upper limit of concurrent request per day.