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400x3000 Excel Worksheet --->Salesforce



Hello everyone,

We have an Excel Worksheet of 400 columns and 3000 rows and It'd be great If we could load It into Salesforce. 

Does anyone else have to do something like this? any idea or advice will be more than welcome!!


Thanks in advance!!


You can try Salesforce.com Data Loader or Office connector.


Thanks and Regards,

Dinesh Nasipuri




What you have mentioned is possible. You can use Apex data loader to get this done. Assuming that you would be using data loader i am giving you few steps to follow.


You may want to pump everything in to standard or custom object, and your each column header would be the standard /custom fields in the object.


Once you have set up the object and fields, export the objects header to your desktop and copy paste your data under the newly exported headers. Then do an insert.




Thanks for your response, but I can't create 400 fields in an object. I don't know the custom fields limit but when I try to do this with the Eclipse API, I doesn't let me update de Object metadata....




For Enterprise edition / Developer Edition, the number of custom fields you can create for an object are 500 and

For unlimited editon, it is 800 and

For other editions it is 100 and lesser.


Are you trying to update any standard field's/ object's metadata?


What exactly are you doing with eclipse?