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Field Update Workflow from Campaign Members

I don't know if this is a limitation of Salesforce or I'm just missing something glaringly obvious, but my understanding of Field Updates is that you can update fields on objects other than the one the workflow is firing off of as long as there is a related object.


By default, aren't campaign members related to either a Lead or a Contact?  There is a hyperlink right to that record on the campaign member detail page.  So why can't I drive a field update on either of those objects through a campaign member workflow?


Do I really have to create brand new lookup fields in order to allow these workflow rules to work?

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

Workflow's are limited in scope to the object being edited. You cannot go cross-object to perform Field updates. A good indicator of whether you can use a Workflow (AKA Clicks not Code) or you need an Apex Trigger (Code) is if you have cross object updates.


For this use case you may need to do an Apex Trigger. Only through an Apex Trigger can you perform cross object field updates.


However, there may be other ways to resolve the issue:


You may be able to leverage Formula Fields on the child object to pull down values from the parent record. For example, you may be able to pull down the Contact's Email address via Contact__r.Email as a formula field on Campaing member.




I tried using formula fields on campaign to get value of  certain contact field( earlier made a look up field with contact object as Parent).  But when making workflow rule to update fields; I'm not getting fields of contact objects  for selection.


So I think, creating formual fields is not of much useful  in this case