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clone lead but change record type



i need a custom button that appears at the top of lead records.  the button is a clone button that clones the leqad.  the thing is, the action needs to be that the newly created lead has a different record type than the original.


here's my current button code:




That is the clone functionality.  I need something like "&RecordType="xyz"" but nothign is working.  Any ideas?




There is an application called "Object Converter" in appexchange. 

Please try it if that may satisfy your requirement.



Pankaj Raijade.


Hi SFAdmin5...I need to do the same thing but don't know how. Were you ever able to figure it out without downloading an app? I would really appreciate you sharing the knowledge if you did, thank you!!


Do a detail page button with content type = URL.  The following works on Lead as a custom button.  Just replace the recordtype id with the record type you want





Perfect, thank you so much!

Michael MMichael M
SFAdmin5, this solution edits the existing record. Is there a way to do the same thing, but instead of editing, it creates a new Lead of a new record type?