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Delete Emails



   How to delete mass emails in Salesforce . I am using Developer Edition.



Jagjit Saini


Use the Apex Data Loader (Setup > Data Management > Apex Data Loader). It takes just three steps: 1) login with the Apex Data Loader, 2) run a query that exports all the records you would like to delete, and 3) use the IDs from step 2 in the Apex Data Loader (just use the export file you saved) to delete the records.


I tried the data loader twice and always run into a timeout error ( even if i raise the timeout to 1000


any ideas? On the dev console i run into too many queries 50001, issue is, its the production org {EE} and I need badly to decrease the Storage

Email messages at 6 GB cases at 4 and task at 2 gb, but we need the origins for reporting but not necesarrliy the emails

Prasanth M AbrahamPrasanth M Abraham
try bulk (rest) api on the data loader perhaps?