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Dupe catcher that auto merges

Hey all!


My salesforce org is getting pretty big, and dupes are becoming an issue more and more each day.


Right now I have to manually merge them based off of alerts.


Is there an app out there that auto-merges any dupe record once it's caught in salesforce?


Thanks for any help!




I have coded the same functionality for one of my client. But that was not a managed package which you could also use.


You can search for some tool in AppExchange ... I dont remember the names but there are few of them available.

Andres UribeAndres Uribe
Were you able to find a tool from the AppExchange that does this?
Hey there, Andres!  Heck yeah I found something!  It's called Dupeblocker and a company called Demand Tools puts it out - https://www.crmfusion.com/demandtools/

I also have their full suite of products with CRM Fusion and it has changed my life - I couldn't imagine doing what I do without all of their great products.