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Hi there,
we have setup a project__c (extends SObject). This object contains a couple of fields that are computed and updated by a seperate application based on the salesforce java API. The application is invoked by clicking on a weblink.
It updates the fields of the project__c object and redirects to

https://emea.salesforce.com/ID (ID = Identifier of the project__c object)

Now I don't want the updated object to be displayed in some other explorer window, neither I want it to be displayed inside a frame in the same window. I want it to come up in the same explorer window without the salesforce frame around it. This shouldn't be a problem - does salesforce provide this option?

Kind regards,

Andreas Förtsch

I'm not sure I'm following; you want to display a salesforce record without the surrounding tabs / UI elements?

No. I just want a refresh of the site after it's been updated in background. Below you see the screen I'm starting from: the weblink, that calls the background update and the fields to be updated...


After calling the weblink I want the object to be refreshed. The refresh works, but...


I don't want the headline and the scroll bar showed twice. I hope that makes it a bit easier to understand. :-)


Kind regards



Check out the thread with this message:

It gives two methods for avoiding the double-frame ...

    > addition of a parameter to the URL

    > use of javascript with "parent.frames.location.replace" to reference the outer frame

I've also used a refresh within javascript (where the return URL is the same as the call to the scontrol itself, and the scontrol is in a separate window) of:

    > window.opener.location.href = window.opener.location.href