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slash s dot gif

Looking at the code for pages in Salesforce, a lot of the images have the src attribute set to /s.gif. What are they doing here? They are doing this with the icons and it is not allowing me to get the path to the image. I am wanting to create the same look and feel on my custom s-controls, but I can't get the path to the icon images because they are doing something odd in the standard pages.

The easiest thing to do is simply save a page as it is displayed. This should save all the image files to an images directory (along with the style sheets and javascripts). Then you can put everything where you want it.

The s.gif is simple a one-pixel, invisible image that is used all over the place for spacing.

Saving the page doesn't work. Is pulls the s.gif file as the 1 pixel file and not the object images. There must be a way to link directly to the standard or custom object images in s-controls.

Try this link - a full description of the style sheets used in the Winter '06 release



The "magic" is in the class assigned to the image. So, for example, if you use:

<img src="/s.gif" alt=""  class="helpImage">
You will see the little help button with a ?mark. Clearly, this is dependent on the style sheets included in the page [head]...