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Buttons using Formual Field

Formula Field's HYPERLINK fuction always launch a popup window. Is it possible not a launch a popup window and instead display html page in the right pane of UI with the sidebar intact?
Ron HessRon Hess
Sorry, no, not at this time.

Control of the window resulting from HYPERLINK() is a hot topic, I hope to see this as a feature in a future release ( safe-harbor statements apply)
Is there any updated news on this feature ? (window control for a HYPERLINK in a formula field)


update: note new syntax including target option (try using "_self" or "_parent")


Description: Creates a link to a URL specified that is linkable from the text specified.
Use: HYPERLINK(url, friendly_name [,target]) and replace url with the web address, replace friendly_name with the link text, and, optionally, replace target with the window or frame target.
Example: HYPERLINK({!Website}, "Company's Website", "_blank") creates a link named Company’s Website that connects a user to the website address on the account record in a new window.

HYPERLINK("00U/e?retURL=%2F006x0000001T8Om&what_id=" & {!Id}, "Create Event") adds a link called "Create Event" that, when clicked, creates a new event that is associated with the current opportunity.

HYPERLINK("http://servername/call?id=" & {!Id} & "&phone=" & {!Phone}, {!Phone}) creates a linkable phone number field that automatically dials the phone number when clicked. In this example, replace "servername" and "call" with the name of your dialing tool and the command it uses to dial. The merge field, {!Id}, inserts the identifier for the contact, lead, or account record. The first {!Phone} merge field tells the dialing tool what number to call and the last {!Phone} merge field uses the value of the Phone field as the linkable text the user clicks to dial.

  • Hyperlink formula fields are of type text.
  • Hyperlink formulas support the following protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, MAILTO, FILE, SIP, TEL, CALLTO.
  • Include the protocol and URL in quotes as in HYPERLINK("", "cnet").
  • Avoid using text functions such as LEN, LEFT, or RIGHT on HYPERLINK function results.
  • When linking to Salesforce pages, use a relative link, such as "00U/e?retURL=%...", for hyperlink formulas unless you want to add the formula field to a search layout. Use the complete URL, including the server name and https://, in a hyperlink formula to add it to a search layout. Note that formula fields are not available in search result layouts.
  • Be sure to remove the brackets, [ and ], from your formula before validating it.
  • The target parameter is optional. If you do not specify a target, the link opens in a new browser window.

I confirm it is working now today but was not effective 2 weeks ago


Thanks for the input.

I have used targets "_top", "_self", and "_parent" in conjunction with a formula HYPERLINK and an S-Control but none of the targets provide the Salesforce tabs and the sidebar. Target  "_blank" opens a new window. 
If I use the same S-Control in a custom link, I can choose a new window, or the Salesforce Window with or without the sidebar. I prefer the formula field because of greater flexibility in placement within the page.