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Development without access to the APIs

Hi all,


Our company has written a .NET web-based billing system which is in use by a number of other companies (including ourselves). A large number of the companies also use Salesforce, and so it would make sense to integrate the two so that:


a) Users can click a link against an account in SF that will start the "new customer" process in the billing system, and the name & address fields will be pre-populated with the data from SF.


b) When the account has been created in our billing system, the SF account will be updated so that the link to "create new customer in billing system" changes to "view customer in billing system", to enable SF users to quickly locate the account in our


I started to plan the project on paper, and was planning to use the API to create the custom hyperlink fields in SF, and also to get the name and address fields out of SF for the new account. This all looked straightforward, but it has come to my attention that some of our billing system users are using the SF Group or Professional edition, which does not have API access.


How else can this simple process be achieved, without using the Salesforce API?


Any ideas to push me in the right direction would be appreciated!




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Really, you can only do this via the API.  You can and probably should get your app AppExchange Certified, after which you will be granted a token that allows your application to access the API even on Professional Edition.  There's really no provision for this kind of thing on Group Edition, which is the very lowest-end edition.