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Product Packages



I have come accross this problem a few times and still can't find a satisfactory solution. The issue is related to products. So I thought someone out htere must have also encountered it as it is a common structure that many companies would take to their products. 


I would like to bundle products so that when you select a product you then have a choice of selecting the breeakdown/makup of that product.  I need products and sub-products.




For example a single opp can be made up of the following main products and sub products, each requires a price associated with it;


Each opportunity can have several main products/ (packages/ bundles )


Blue Solution  100  (main product/ (package/ bundle ))


       Training 20     (sub product)

       Software 40   (sub product)

       hardware 40   (sub product)


Red Solution  80  (main product/ (package/ bundle ))

      Training 25     (sub product)

      Software 30    (sub product)

      hardware 25    (sub product)



I can't seem to achieve this so we have decided to have each segment listed as a product. For example the pricebook will no longer contain just Blue Solution, Red Solution it will have 


Blue Solution Training

Blue Solution Software

Blue Solution harware

Red Solution Training

Red Solution Software

Red Solution harware



and the sales rep picks these for each sale. 


That is all fine until you try to report on  the number of blue solutions sold in a month or year. Instead of getting the quantity of 5 blue solutions (no.of opportunities) you get 15 as it counts the number of line items (opportunity and product report required).


I have created a multi-picklist in the main opportunity so as to record what was sold, red solution;blue solution however a report will summarise by the combinations of those chosen and not by individual values in the picklist. 


I would be so grateful if anyone has any ideas on how to tackle this issue. I know so many companies out there do not simply sell straight forward products, they sell packages, so how do they deal with this?


I see the app exchange has a package called product bundles, but it doesn't really tackle the problem I am having. 




Can you use a roll up summary field that does a record count of all products containing blue in the account name?  Then use a field update workflow to enter a 1 into a field called "Has Blue Product" if the count of blue products is greater than zero.  Not very elegant but should get the job done.

I know this is an old post but we ran into the same issue.  We ended up having to develop our own solution with visual force pages and apex triggers.  It was not easy and we definitely wish it was something that was already built in.

Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura

Dear DAC11,


This is an old post and you'll must have an appropiate solution by now. I thought I will post it anyways, if somebody stumbles upon this post. 


I have an app for that, which is under security review for AppExchange. In the mean time if you would like to have a first look at it and see if it makes sense for your business needs, please shoot me an email:, I would be more than happy to share test org credentials. 


The key features of the app are: 

• Product manager (or a user with right privileges) designs a Bundle by selecting existing Products/Services from existing Product catalog.
• Option to add Products/Services from different pricebooks. - NEW
• Discount, Expiration date, Approval process at Bundle level.
• Only Approved Bundles can be added to an Opportunity by sales.
• Add Bundle items to Opportunity with single click. - NEW
• Syncs Bundles between Opportunity and Quote.
• Quote PDF shows both Bundles and Products in different sections.
• Clone Bundles along with its items. -  NEW  


I am studying differnt models and for now I am planning to release it as a free app.



SF Partner

Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura

So here is the beta version of Product Bundle that does exactly what you asked for

To allow products from multiple Pricebook, go to Setup >> App Setup >> Develop >> Custom Settings >> Product Bundle >> Manage. 
1. Check "Allow Products from Multiple Pricebooks". 
2. While you are there, make sure the Default Pricebook is name of an Active Pricebook in your org, that you want to default to. 
If your org has Multi Currency enabled, do nothing, app will take care of it self. The Bundles will sync between Opportunity and Quotes, just like Standard Line Items. Please let me know if your team would like a detailed documentation of the App or you have any concerns. 
The app will soon be available on AppExchange. 
SF Partner



It's not yet available still in Salesforce. 


If you want it to be implemented soon. Please vote here to get it soon!




How did you develop the product bundle in Visual force? Could you share me the code?

Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura
This is part of managed package now. We cannot share any code. You can get the details here:

Sorry about that.