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System.QueryException: List has more than 1 row for assignment to SObject

Hi All,


I am trying to send the values from controller to visualforce input text filed through getters and setters.But here i am getting query exception.


mycode is as follows:


<apex:page standardController="House_Bill_Of_Ladding__c" extensions="x1_validate">
    <apex:outputLabel value="SFN Control No." /></td>       
    <apex:inputField id="sfn" value="{!House_Bill_Of_Ladding__c.SFN_Number__c}" style="width:82px">
                   </apex:inputField> </td>  
    <apex:outputLabel value="Voyage No." ></apex:outputLabel></td>    
    <apex:inputText id="voy" value="{!hblvoyage}" style="width:82px">      
                       </apex:inputText> </td>             
    <apex:commandLink value="Get" />


public class x1_validate
 private House_Bill_Of_Ladding__c  curr_record =new House_Bill_Of_Ladding__c();
 Sea_Foot_Note__c SFN_voyage;

 public string hblvoyage{get; set;}
 public x1_validate(ApexPages.StandardController controller)
   string curr_sfn=curr_record.SFN_Number__c;
   SFN_voyage=[SELECT Voyage_Number__c FROM  Sea_Foot_Note__c where SFN_Number__c =: curr_sfn];     
  public Sea_Foot_Note__c gethblvoyage()
    return SFN_voyage;
   public void sethblvoyage(Sea_Foot_Note__c s)

if i declared SFN_voyage return type as Sea_Foot_Note__c[] i can rectify the query exception.but again i am getting the following error.


Error: Compile Error: Return value must be of type: SOBJECT:chiranjeevi__Sea_Foot_Note__c at line 16 column 5


plz tell me is i am going in a correct way or not.i know that through setters and getters only we can pass the values from controller to visualforce.i can able to pass  string value.but here i was unable to pass object value.if any one knows other solution plz give me example or plz check my code.my requirement is if i click on link i should populate the value to input text.


plzz help me.


Thanks in advance,