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Reading TagDefinitions from a managed package with restricted API Access

Hi all,


I think I already know the answer, that I have to disable API restrictions for this to work, but if there's any way I can avoid doing that I'd much prefer to.  


Anyways, I have a visualforce page that needs to query the CustomObject__Tag and TagDefinition objects from it's apex controller. The problem is that when I have any API restrictions at all the SELECT SOQL query fails with the error:  System.SObjectException: CustomObject__Tag.tagDefinitionId not accessible due to package restrictions


Is there a way to set more fine-grained API access restrictions? Or am I stuck disabling all API restrictions in order to access salesforce tagging? 


Also, I'm not able to find much developer documentation about salesforce's built-in tagging, is there any? Things like how to access the count of all tags like the tag manager page has would be invaluable.