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Custom Report Two Users on Two Objects

How can i create a report that allows me to locate a user on one object OR a user on another object?  When I put in the OR statement in the Advanced Options I get this error:

Error: Your filter is imprecise or incorrect. Please see the help for tips on Advanced Filter Conditions.


Using this for a custom link and need to be able to query for two user fields on two objects.

Thanks for any and all help!

You'll have to be more specific.  Perhaps think about putting a screenshot here of your criteria.

Criteria is:

Custom Object User ID = null OR

Contact Owner User ID = null


I think the problem may be that on a Custom Report type you cannot use OR as filter criteria.  

My goal is to make this a custom report link so when a User clicks on the link, they will have only their records returned for their records in this report.  




That's actually not specific enough to know what the problem really is, but the way it should look is:


Custom Object User ID    equals    <blank>

Contact Owner User ID    equals     <blank>


And in the box at the bottom type


1 OR 2


My guess is you're either typing in the word "null" verbatim, or you're typing all the criteria in the box.