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Bibek RathBibek Rath 

Connecting from to another website using SSO and passing values



I have the following requirement:


1. There is a External web site that should be shown when user clicks a link on opportunity detail page.


2. Initially this web page expects username and password. How we can authenticate the user  without asking to enter username and password when he navigates to this web page? (SSO from to other secured websites).


3. This external web page should get auto populated with the info of Opportunity object from where it is initiated.


Your help is highly appreciated.






1. Create a visualforce custom page and add that into the page layout

2. If you are going to use a default username/password for SSO, then you can create a custom setting with that info, and pass that in the URL.  Otherwise, you can add username and password fields to the USER object, and pass that in the URL

3. You can pass these fields as URL parameters (ie{!}), or you can create a webservice that the external webserver can call with all the details.


hope this helps.....

Bibek RathBibek Rath

Do we have to enable and configure single sign on for this purpose?


SSO is really only used to get FROM external webpage into Salesforce, not to display an External page IN salesforce.

Bibek RathBibek Rath


Bibek RathBibek Rath

One more question, if i do not want to pass the details in the URL, what are the other options for authentication?




Am S.ax1611Am S.ax1611

hi every1,


i am new to salesforce n i need to pass d opportunity name and amount value to some external website.My visualforce page is same as standard visualforce  can i do this..i have to use query string n pass those value through URL.


If any1 know this pls share d code also,how i have to do,bcs i m a beginner.


Thanx in Advance




I have similar problems.

I need through a custom button Salesforce redirect to an external website and automatically authenticate (auto login). The username and password are not always the same and the external website, only receives POST.








<apex:page standardController="Contact" >


//helper function to create the form
function getNewSubmitForm(){
var submitForm = document.createElement("FORM");
submitForm.method = "POST";
return submitForm;

//helper function to add elements to the form
function createNewFormElement(inputForm, elementName, elementValue){
var newElement = document.createElement("input");
newElement.value = elementValue;
return newElement;

function createFormAndSubmit(){
var submitForm = getNewSubmitForm();
createNewFormElement(submitForm, "username", "***");
createNewFormElement(submitForm, "password", "***");
submitForm.action= "";


<input type="button" value="Click to create form and submit" onclick="createFormAndSubmit()"/>