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SumitVSumitV IDE: Cannot fetch metadata file (.app) for application


I created an app (MyDemoApp) with some classes, triggers, VisualForce and Google Visualization directly from the browser (i.e. without using the IDE).  Then, I installed the IDE on my Mac, and created a Project.  Next, I had the IDE connect to my account to download all the metadata components for my application.  I opted to fetch all the components. IDE does its thing, and after a while it finishes without any errors.  However, when I go look in my project under src/applications, the metadata file for my application,, is missing.  The file doesn't show up even if I do a "Refresh from Server" on src/applications, src or the entire project.  If I look in package.xml, I see MyDemoApp in the CustomApplications section.  The wierd thing is that the only other app that I have ( shows up fine i.e. is present in src/applications.  If I change any files (e.g. an Apex Class) and compile it, I get no errors and my changes are reflected in the test org.


I don't know if this is related, but when I do a "Refresh from Server", I get the following Warning message:

"Refresh error: Cannot retrieve documents in a user's private folder; move the document to a named folder".


Removing the app, not selecting it as a component to be fetched, restarting the IDE, etc. doesn't help. just doesn't show up.  I want to put all my files in SVN, and therefore, want to download the .app file as well.


Any ideas?






Hello SumitV,


I'am facing the same problems and posted them here. But until now I did not get an answer. Now I saw that you posted the same problems last year with no answers. Did you find a solution or workaround for that on your own?





Hi HarryHH,

Unfortunately I did not get any answers.


I actually stopped using the IDE.  Instead, I moved to Komodo.  And I use ant to deploy / retrieve code to / from my org.  With ant, I haven't run into any issues with retrieving the .app flie.






"Refresh error: Cannot retrieve documents in a user's private folder; move the document to a named folder" - Can it be possible that your app link to a document in "My Personal Documents"-folder.

Rafal GalazkiewiczRafal Galazkiewicz
@Dova you got this! I have followed your hint in here and this was it! I found that app I have a problem with has a logo and this logo is located in a users' private folder. I have replaced logo to default Salesforce logo and it was already enough. Great we fixed it. Hope it is useful for some more people later on down the road.

Thanks a lot again!