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Replacing Custom App Logo

I've got an updated verison of our app logo which is to be added and released.


Through the documents tab, I have opened up the logo document and replaced it with the new logo. I've released the new version (a major version upgrade - 1.3 to 1.4) and it has not updated my logo.


I had beta tested prior to the managed release but I had forgot to check the logo.


So why is this happening and can I change the logo via a patch upgrade?


Should I do it by creating a new document for the logo altogether (which would mean an entirely new major version)?


Thanks in advance,



You should just be able to edit the custom app (Setup > Create > Apps > Edit) and select your logo from the documents.  I know one limitation is that is cannot be over 20K.  Check your image to see if it is under 20K.  If it is, try creating a new document with your image file and select it in the "Choose the Image Source for the Custom App Logo" field.



I understand how to change the logo, I want to know why my logo is not being updated after a package upgrade and install on another org.

prathap raoprathap rao

Just curious....


Did you package the logo from your documents when you packaged and deployed it to another org(I believe that you created a package and deployed it in another org or please clarify me if you followed some other procedure)


I did package the logo from my documents on the developer org.


I then updated the logo by replacing the document on a new version - I made sure the logo was changed which it is.


I installed it on another org with the previous version installed, and it comes up with the old logo still. Would I have to create a new document for this?


Hello there

Again the documents you save must be publicly available so make sure the folder in which you save the documents has read/write and when it comes to logo make sure you check the Externally available check box. This allows you to 


Externally Available Image if the document is an image, such as a logo, that's not confidential. Check this box to:

  • Make the image available from HTML email templates without requiring a username and password
  • Use the image as a custom tab icon or custom app logo, which do require a username and password to view
  • Display the image in meeting requests
RajKumaR MRajKumaR M
This is working as designed since Document is not up-gradable through packaging at this time.

You can check out the page #22 -24 in the ISV force guide - 'Components Available in Managed Packages'

The same goes for page layouts, dashboards and App Labels.etc. If you would like this feature then post an idea on the idea exchange. I've created Idea for App Labels.

Here is the Idea Link -

User-added image